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On Monday, August 21st, North Americans get to experience one of the rarest and most awesome sights in nature: The path of the moon will perfectly intersect with the path of the sun at just the right time, causing the moon to either partially or fully block the sun from view (depending upon your location).

In a Q&A session about the August 21st total solar eclipse, George Moromisato, author of 101 Amazing Sights of the Night Sky, shares with us what is so special about this rare event here.

Lunar eclipses happened regularly enough that ancient astronomers were able to work out how to predict them. But total eclipses of the sun, which happen at a given spot only a few times per millennium, were impossible to predict with any accuracy. Imagine, then, how awesome and scary it must have been for our ancestors to see the life-giving sun swallowed up completely without warning. They must have watched anxiously as the skies darkened, perhaps wondering whether the sun would disappear forever. Within minutes, however, the light and warmth of the sun reappeared and everything would go back to normal—at least for a few more centuries.

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Today, of course, we know that the sun is eclipsed when the moon happens to pass in front of it. We can enjoy it as one of nature’s greatest spectacles. But it’s only the coincidental size and distance of the moon that make total eclipses possible. If the moon were smaller or farther out, it wouldn’t be able to cover the sun completely. In fact, the moon is slowly drifting farther away from Earth.

In a billion years or so, the moon will appear small enough that it won’t fully eclipse the sun. The age of total eclipses will be over, so be sure to see a total eclipse of the sun before then.

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