How to Raise Native Caterpillars

Backyard Science & Discovery Workbook: California by botanist George Miller features more than 20 simple, fun introductions to astronomy, birds, geology, and more. Plus, more than a dozen activities help kids to make hypotheses, experiment, and observe. The 19 hands-on science projects include activities such as...

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Natural Easter egg hunt

A Natural Easter Egg Hunt

In today’s post, Adventure Publications author and editor Brett Ortler talks to us about taking the kids on a natural Easter egg hunt. We at Adventure Publications hope all of our readers and their loved ones remain healthy and safe. Without intending to trivialize the...

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The Elegant Life Cycle of a Butterfly

From its miraculous metamorphosis to the intricate wing pattern, the butterfly has fascinated people and cultures around the world for millennia. In today’s post, Jaret C. Daniels, author of Vibrant Butterflies, shares with us the life cycle of a butterfly. All butterflies go through a life...

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