Remembering Robert Lawrence Forsberg

In their book Little Minnesota in World War II, Jill A. Johnson and Deane L. Johnson tell the story of more than 140 soldiers from tiny Minnesota towns—places with a population around 100—who served in the armed forces, and died, during World War II. Today they remember...

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Freighter banner

Great Lakes Ships and Stories

The gigantic, awe-inspiring Great Lakes ships are a big reason why people are drawn to visit the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world. There’s something magical about watching a freighter steam by. It fills spectators, young and old, with a sense of wonder....

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World War II Book Honors Fallen Minnesota Men

Why is World War II so compelling? Is it because there were so clearly “good guys” and “bad guys?” Is it because we came together as a country—as a world—and vanquished evil? Whatever the reasons, the Second World War is source material for countless books...

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