Birding for Beginners: Midwest

In Stan Tekiela’s Birding for Beginners: Midwest, the author shares his insights and remarkable photos that will help you become a skilled birder in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The book contains 55 species of birds that are all...

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Turtles, Turtles, Everywhere

Stan Tekiela, naturalist and wildlife photographer par excellence, shares with us his fascination for turtles. I often find the most interesting things in nature are the most mundane. For example, I am sure many of you are seeing turtles crossing roads or perhaps crawling across...

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Honey-Pecan Blueberry Chicken Salad Recipe

Blueberries: 50 Tried & True Recipes is a cookbook by Julia Rutland, featuring recipes to please any fruit lover. Abundant and delicious, blueberries are as beneficial as they are juicy. This summer, try Julia’s refreshing Honey-Pecan Blueberry Chicken Salad recipe.  This recipe makes good use of leftover...

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Simple Apple Tart Recipe

Julia Rutland, author of our upcoming cookbook Apples: 50 Tried and True Recipes, shares with us her Simple Apple Tart recipe. The apple is America’s favorite fruit, and Julia’s apple tart is simply delicious. We tried the recipe and so should you! INGREDIENTS2 large apples2 tablespoons melted...

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rock collection

How to Start a Rock Collection

Starting a rock collection is a fun and easy way to take home some treasures and learn about the Earth. It is a fabulous family activity and kids will love the treasure hunt. Here are some basic instructions to help you start your own rock...

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