Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks

Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks Introduce Children to Nature with Fun Activities

We are excited to announce our upcoming series of Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks, and we are celebrating with a GIVEAWAY. But first, here’s more about the new series.  All nine workbooks feature hands-on science projects for children, such as raising native caterpillars, starting a rock...

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rock collection

How to Start a Rock Collection

Starting a rock collection is a fun and easy way to take home some treasures and learn about the Earth. It is a fabulous family activity and kids will love the treasure hunt. Here are some basic instructions to help you start your own rock...

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The Amazing World of Agates and Fossils

Dan R. Lynch, author of Rock Collecting for Kids, talks to us about the amazing world of agates and fossils. Find out how to start your own collection. There are lots of popular rocks and minerals that people like to collect. Some, like gold and diamonds, are...

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The Wonderful World of Agates

James Magnuson, author of The Storied Agate, shares with us his love for Lake Superior Agates.  These gems are wonderfully diverse and colorful lovers of light. Over 1 billion years ago, the Lake Superior basin was formed by massive lava flows. Inside the cooling lava, air pockets...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rock Collecting

Dan R. Lynch, author of Rock Collecting for Kids, answers five frequently asked questions about rock collecting. Where to begin? When you want to begin collecting rocks and minerals, there’s a lot to know first. What tools and safety equipment to bring, when to go looking, and how to...

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Rock Collecting for Kids—A Fun Activity

Nature’s treasures are all around us, waiting to be discovered. Share the thrills of searching and finding with the next generation of rock hounds. Acclaimed author of the Rocks & Minerals Identification Guides, Dan R. Lynch presents Rock Collecting for Kids, a children’s introduction to...

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