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About Blue Jays, Flying Squirrels, and Chipmunks

In today’s post, Stan Tekiela, naturalist and wildlife photographer, observes Blue Jays, flying squirrels, and chipmunks as they prepare for winter. Off in the distance I can hear the familiar scream-like call of a Blue Jay. The sound pierces through the yellow and orange autumn maple...

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Discover Five Amazing Birds of Wyoming

In Wyoming alone there have been more than 400 different kinds of birds recorded throughout the years. This is an impressive number of species for one state! These bird sightings were diligently recorded by hundreds of bird-watchers and have become part of the official state record. In his book...

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Bird-Watching Gets Kids Outdoors

Sometimes it’s hard to get kids outdoors, but bird-watching is a perfect solution. In this age of smartphones, social media, and video games, there’s plenty to do from home. But we want our children to breathe fresh air, to exercise, to connect with nature. Luckily,...

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