Diver, Dipper, Bobber, Blinker

Naturalist and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela shares with us the astonishing behavior of the American Dipper. Find out more about this aquatic songbird. At first look, the American Dipper might not seem like a very interesting bird. It’s a stocky, dull gray bird with a short black bill. While...

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Wild Birds: THE Book for Bird-watchers

We are excited to announce the publishing of Wild Birds, the newest wildlife appreciation book by naturalist and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela. With more than 900 different kinds of birds in the United States and Canada, bird-watchers across the continent bear witness to plenty of incredible species....

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The Oystercatcher Sleeps with One Eye Open

Stan Tekiela shares with us his observation of the Oystercatcher. Did you know that all birds actually sleep with one eye open? Slowing wading through a clear tidal pool, about knee deep, in coastal Florida, I was trying to move slow enough not to disturb a gorgeous...

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