North Carolina Festivals

In North Carolina, Festivals Abound

Pick any month in North Carolina and you’re sure to find a festival to attend. There are beer festivals, food festivals, craft festivals, music festivals—even festivals celebrating Bigfoot, Mayberry, and NASCAR. It’s impossible to detail every festival, but Marla Hardee Milling, author of North Carolina...

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Identifying a Tornado and How to Be Safe

A tornado is often mistaken for clouds, but technically speaking, tornadoes aren’t a cloud type. Instead, tornadoes are a tight circulation of wind that emanates from the base of wall clouds. Often, what appears to be a cloud toward the lower portion of a tornado...

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Mushroom Recipes Your Family Will Love

In today’s post, Stan Tekiela, author of Start Mushrooming, shares with us two mushroom recipes. Mushrooms are delicious, and you should give these a try! Morel Honey-Mustard Chicken INGREDIENTS 2 cups fresh morel mushrooms or 1 cup dried morels2 tablespoons butter4 tablespoons Dijon-style mustard2 tablespoons honeydash celery saltdash sweet...

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