Things that Bite: About Spiders

Tom Anderson, author of Things that Bite: The Truth About Critters that Scare People shares with us truth and myth about spiders. In E. B. White’s classic tale Charlotte’s Web, we are introduced to a sweet spider heroine, Charlotte. Even her charming manner and good web penmanship could...

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Paleoart is Where Imagination Meets Science

James Kuether, author of The Amazing World of Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Journey Through the Mesozoic Era, has created paleoart that is at home in galleries and private collections around the globe. Here is his take on how we picture dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs, or as they are...

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Loons, Heroes of Myths and Folklore

Loons have fascinated people for thousands of years. The striking black-and-white breeding plumage and deep red eyes of the Common Loon befit its elegance and grace. Loons are physically amazing, with large, powerful feet that propel the bird underwater at speeds fast enough to overtake fish. They have wings capable...

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The Art of Taking Great Photographs of Waterfalls

Lisa Crayford, author of Waterfalls of Minnesota and an accomplished photographer, shares with us her tips for taking great photographs of  waterfalls. Here is a summary of the basics. Tripod: You’ll need a sturdy tripod because you can’t hold a camera sufficiently steady when using slow shutter speeds. Be...

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A Look at Taurus and the Constellations of the Zodiac

Stargazing is among the most peaceful and inspiring outdoor activities. Jonathan Poppele, author of award-winning Night Sky: A Field Guide to the Constellations, helps us take a look at Taurus, one of the Constellations of the Zodiac. For thousands of years, people have looked skyward and seen shapes within the...

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