Rock Collecting for Kids—A Fun Activity

Nature’s treasures are all around us, waiting to be discovered. Share the thrills of searching and finding with the next generation of rock hounds. Acclaimed author of the Rocks & Minerals Identification Guides, Dan R. Lynch presents Rock Collecting for Kids, a children’s introduction to...

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The Oystercatcher Sleeps with One Eye Open

Stan Tekiela shares with us his observation of the Oystercatcher. Did you know that all birds actually sleep with one eye open? Slowing wading through a clear tidal pool, about knee deep, in coastal Florida, I was trying to move slow enough not to disturb a gorgeous...

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Things that Bite: About Spiders

Tom Anderson, author of Things that Bite: The Truth About Critters that Scare People shares with us truth and myth about spiders. In E. B. White’s classic tale Charlotte’s Web, we are introduced to a sweet spider heroine, Charlotte. Even her charming manner and good web penmanship could...

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Paleoart is Where Imagination Meets Science

James Kuether, author of The Amazing World of Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Journey Through the Mesozoic Era, has created paleoart that is at home in galleries and private collections around the globe. Here is his take on how we picture dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs, or as they are...

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