Gray Tree Frogs Are Masters of Disguise

Wildlife photographer and naturalist Stan Tekiela explains to us where Gray Tree Frogs get their name from, and how they are masters of disguise. They are called “tree” frogs because they live in trees, unlike most other frogs who are pond, lake, and river dwellers....

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Hiking with kids banner

How to Get Your Kids into Bird-Watching

Want to get your kids interested in bird-watching? Adventure Publications editor, dad, and bird nerd Brett Ortler gives you his tried-and-true tips. Start with the Backyard  One of the perks of bird-watching as a hobby is its convenience—when you set up bird feeders, you can bring the...

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Bat Basics

Bats Have an Incredible Story to Tell

There are 45 species of bats found in the United States. All of them are amazing flying mammals that have special adaptations and abilities that help them survive. They are a crucial part of many different ecosystems, they provide people with many benefits, and bats...

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