Squash: A Favorite of the Summer Garden

Easy to grow and often abundant, squashes are favorites of the summer garden. Squash, a cookbook by Julia Rutland, features 50 tried-and-true recipes geared for busy cooks who enjoy great flavor. The author is a professional writer, recipe developer and tester, food stylist, and television/media demonstrator, so...

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Bat Basics

Explore the Everyday Lives of Bats

In her upcoming book, Bat Basics, Karen Krebbs tells us how bats use echolocation, why they hibernate, and what they eat. Find out why they are essential to a healthy ecosystem.  Imagine that you can fly. Now, imagine that you are flying at night, through a...

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North Carolina Festivals

In North Carolina, Festivals Abound

Pick any month in North Carolina and you’re sure to find a festival to attend. There are beer festivals, food festivals, craft festivals, music festivals—even festivals celebrating Bigfoot, Mayberry, and NASCAR. It’s impossible to detail every festival, but Marla Hardee Milling, author of North Carolina...

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