How to Stay Safe, from Backyard to Backcountry

Preventing medical emergencies, illnesses, injuries—or a catastrophe—is important when readers are enjoying the great outdoors with family, friends, or even on their own. 


Patrick Brighton, M.D., FACS, gives readers useful advice for a range of situations in his book Staying Safe: Backyard to Backcountry. Patrick has served as an emergency room surgeon, managed mass-casualty situations, and participated in several mountain rescues. Now, he’s sharing his expertise with readers, to help them be prepared when they head out for any adventure, big or small.

In the book, Patrick shares what preventative steps can be taken to minimize risks outside, whether readers are simply mowing the yard, hiking with friends, or on a camping trip with children. Discover the recommended and essential items to keep on hand—in case the worst should happen—regardless of location, type of outing, and where and when help will be available. Patrick guides readers through first aid responses and treatments for a variety of situations—from sunburns and toothaches to appendicitis and heart attacks.

The book features:

  • Information organized by type of injury, so the reader can quickly find what is needed
  • Easy-to-understand instructions that help assess each situation and decide how to proceed
  • Considerations for nature’s variable challenges, like limited resources, weather, victim/rescuer capabilities, and evacuation options
  • Strategies based on the latest research from the American College of Surgeons, the American Heart Association, and the author’s decades of experience

In Staying Safe: Backyard to Backcountry, Patrick gives expert advice on handling mild sicknesses and life-or-death conditions—making this guide an indispensable companion on outdoor trips. 

About the author: Dr. Patrick Brighton is a board-certified general and trauma surgeon. A Fellow in the American College of Surgeons for more than 20 years, he has evaluated and surgically managed thousands of critically injured trauma patients, including those from dozens of mass-casualty situations. An avid alpinist and ice climber, Patrick currently spends most of his free time as a member of the Ouray Mountain Rescue Team in Ouray, Colorado. He also teaches wilderness medicine courses in the US and in South America.

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Liliane Opsomer
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