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Camping: How to Have a Great Experience

Camping is both thrilling and relaxing. It’s a wonderful way to escape from everyday life and to connect with nature. The beauty, the solitude, the campfire, the wildlife―it’s a perfect opportunity to recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

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But if you’ve never gone before or if you’ve only camped a few times, the idea might seem intimidating. Worry not; you can get started with the right information.

Expert camper and outdoors enthusiast Johnny Molloy gives you all that you need to know in his simple and concise Camping Basics guide. 

Make the most of your overnight adventures by putting Johnny’s wisdom to use. Pitch your tent in the correct spot. Deal with bugs, rain, and other unpleasantries with ease.

Johnny leads you through the steps and considerations to maximize your experience, from choosing a destination and packing gear to food storage and animal safety.

Johnny Molloy’s expertise comes from more than 4,500 nights in a tent, in locations that range from Alaska to Florida. Special sections within this skills guide explain how to build a fire and also provide a checklist of essential items to bring along.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the entire booklet is Johnny’s “Top 10 Pieces of Camping Advice.” You’ll learn about weather safety, what to do when nature calls, the best practices for camping with kids and/or your dog, and more. Good camping skills lead to the best outdoors experiences. So take the “rough” out of “roughing it.”

Camping Basics

Keep Johnny’s information on hand; the pocket-size guide is easy to bring along. Then enjoy all that the natural world has to offer. The difference between a good camping trip and a not-so-good camping trip is having the skills that give you an edge. 

With this guide, you can better enjoy the experience for which you came, soaking in the sunshine with friends and family, spending quality time together in the great outdoors, and enjoying a respite from the daily grind. Quality camping skills create the best outdoor event possible. Camping Basics will teach you those skills. 

Camping Basics

About the author: Johnny Molloy is the author of more than 75 outdoors guides. He continues to enjoy camping, backpacking, hiking, and paddling throughout North America. Johnny lives in Johnson City, Tennessee. 

Camping Basics by Johnny Molloy will be available March 17, 2021. Pre-order your copy now. If you enjoyed this post, sign up for our newsletter

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