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S’mores Recipes for the Campfire Season

Julia Rutland, author of On A Stick Cookbook: 50 Simple, Fun Recipes for the Campfire, gets us ready for the upcoming campfire season. S’mores anyone? 

Campfire cooking purists use a slender branch to hold food over hot coals. This old-school method is charming and creates a fun activity as your family and friends search for the ideal cooking sticks. Choose a branch or stick long enough to reach the fire. The stick should be sturdy enough to hold food without breaking, yet slim enough that food can easily slide on. Green wood will be more resistant to catching fire than old, dry sticks. Whittle the end of the stick into a point with a pocket knife. 


While branches are authentic, metal and wood skewers make campfire cooking easy and convenient.

Here are two amazing s’mores recipes for you to enjoy!

Chocolate-Raspberry S’mores

What You Need:
Graham cracker squares
Seedless raspberry jam or preserves
Dark or milk chocolate candy bars
Large marshmallows

Spread one side of half of the graham crackers with raspberry jam. Place a square of chocolate on top of jam.

For each s’more, skewer a marshmallow and cook until gooey and desired degree of doneness. Place marshmallow on top of chocolate; then top with remaining graham cracker.  


Elvis S’mores

What You Need:
Graham cracker squares
Peanut Butter
Large marshmallows
Cooked bacon pieces

Spread one side of half of the graham crackers with peanut butter. Slice banana, and place 2 or 3 slices on top of the peanut butter.  

For each s’more, skewer a marshmallow and cook until gooey and desired degree of doneness. Place marshmallow on top of a banana slice; top with bacon and a remaining graham cracker.

On A Stick s'mores

About the author: Julia Rutland has enjoyed 20-plus years of experience in the food and publishing industries with specialized skills in project development, feature writing, recipe development, recipe testing, food styling, and television/media demonstration. Before moving to the D.C. area, Julia worked at Coastal Living magazine, Southern Living magazine, and Wimmer Cookbooks.

She is the author of The Campfire Foodie Cookbook, coauthor of Discover Dinnertime Cookbook, and a silent contributor for dozens of other books. 

Julia also represents Wüsthof cutlery in the Mid-Atlantic region, training retail associates about knife skills and cooking techniques. Julia serves as vice president of the Washington, D.C., chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier and is a Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) with the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Julia currently lives in the D.C. wine country in the town of Hillsboro, Virginia, with her husband, two teen daughters, a couple of dogs, and a cat―and many, many chickens.

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