This Fall, Make Memories on the Trail

Ladona Tornabene, coauthor of Gentle Hikes of Minnesota’s North Shore, invites us to make memories on the trail this Fall.

The season is upon us—when green yields to gold and red-hot, well, just yields to red. Summer’s blooms will soon bow to autumn’s hues, and I find myself in transition. A part of me down deep laments this passage of time because I personally love the warmth of the summer sun’s rays. Truth be told, I wrestle with letting go. Yet, as a photographer, I find myself craving the vibrant forests of fall. The hush of a leaf twinkling in the trees, the rush of a creek keeping time with the autumn breeze—their rhythms simultaneously calm and excite my heart during a hike in the woods. I am drawn into a kaleidoscope of colors, my camera’s shutter falling down faster than a few lone leaves.  I am awed by this photographic experience, and time is frozen before winter even arrives.


I treasure this glorious geographical space—tucked away along Minnesota’s North Shore. I vow every season not to miss the turning of a single leaf. And while I know that such a lofty vow is impossible to keep, I tuck my camera into my backpack and resolve to wait and watch and be ready for when fall begins to permeate the monochromatic trees. And when it does, I will be somewhere on a gentle hike in Duluth, Two Harbors, Little Marais, Grand Marais, or Grand Portage.

This fall, make memories of the trail and on the trail because they will linger longer than the fleeting season.

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Liliane Opsomer

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