Food Chain Book Entertains and Educates

What Eats That?The new food chain book by Ryan Jacobson and Stan Tekiela, What Eats That?, has arrived, and it’s as fun to read as it is informative. Ryan provides interactive text that literally keeps readers guessing with every turn of the page, while Stan supplies amazing photography that brings one of Adventure Publications’ best picture books to life.

The concept captivates readers from the start. Children are shown eating their favorite foods, and the text explains what a food chain is, while suggesting that we are all part of a food chain every time we eat. From there, the food chain book takes off. A species is introduced on every page, with fascinating information given about how its members eat or hunt. Then the question is asked: What Eats That?

Of course, there are any number of possible answers to what eats a given critter, so guessing could be tricky. But there’s a reason why this is one of the best picture books for ages 4 to 8. The guessing game is a favorite component of the book, and the creative duo gives readers a chance to succeed. At the bottom of the page, a tiny silhouette serves as a clue for the next animal to appear in the food chain book.

“It seemed to be a very minor detail,” notes Ryan. “But it dramatically increased the book’s enjoyment for our test readers.”

Some of the most popular and interesting animals for kids, including the butterfly, spider, snake, and wolf, make appearances in What Eats That? as readers go up, up, up the chain. Then, about two-thirds of the way through the book, something fun and unexpected happens: The seemingly simple path takes a twist that demonstrates how complex nature can be.

Perhaps one of the best picture books of the year, What Eats That? is a food chain book worthy of classrooms and bedroom bookshelves. The soft approach to a potentially disturbing topic is perfectly executed. The interactive format makes it fun to read, time and again, and the educational component is something that parents and teachers will certainly appreciate. Readers of all ages are sure to gobble up this picture book!

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