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Christy Gove Talks About Her Upcoming Book, Bailey the Bear Needs Help!

We asked Christy Gove to tell us about her upcoming title Bailey the Bear Needs Help! Her book will be available in a store near you starting October 17th. Here is her story.

Bailey the Bear

Hello! My name is Christy Gove, and I’m the author of three raptor rescue books with AdventureKEEN. I’ve learned so much about raptors and rehab facilities while writing these stories, and I’m so happy that readers love these books as much as I do.   

This time, I have partnered again with the Wildlife Center of Virginia to write a fourth wildlife rescue book that’s coming out this fall. However, my newest subject does not fly or glide. She is furry, not feathered. Instead of soaring, she lumbers. She prefers foods like berries, bugs, seeds, and fish. Have you figured it out? Is the waiting too hard to bear?  

Yes! It’s a story about a black bear. Her name is Bailey, and she was separated from her mother after getting injured. Her story is a success, but you’ll have to read the book to understand how the Wildlife Center helped Bailey get better. The book is called Bailey the Bear Needs Help!

Christy Gove

As a family practice doctor, my patients are people. But my love of medicine extends to an appreciation of animals. Writing this book allowed me to research how bears grow, what they need to survive, and what their strengths are in the wild. I learned about torpor—a new word for me—which is the deep sleep of near-hibernation that bears experience every winter. I have to admit, I felt a little jealous of them!   

Christy Gove

I also researched human-and-bear interactions and realized that it’s essential to learn how to live side by side with these beautiful creatures. The book features a section on how to know if a bear needs help, how to avoid attracting bears to your property, and what to do if you have a hungry bear roaming around your house.  

 I’m excited for everyone to read this new book, and I hope you love Bailey as much as I do. I want to give a huge shout-out to the people at the Wildlife Center of Virginia for their help. I literally could not have done this without them.

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