Nature Explorer

Nature Explorer: Get Outside, Observe, and Discover the Natural World

Nature Explorer is a kids’ guide to observing and interacting with the natural world. Whether you live in the middle of a big city or in the rural countryside, nature surrounds you the moment you step outside. It’s the air you breathe and the ground beneath your feet. It’s the birds, the bugs, the grass, and the trees. Celebrate the great outdoors and become a nature explorer with acclaimed artist and naturalist Jenny deFouw Geuder.

Nature Explorer

The book begins with a chapter on how children can become naturalists. It outlines how to observe, identify, and record, plus it gives tips on staying safe in nature. In the next section, young readers learn how to use their various senses during observation. That’s followed by an introduction to backyard wildlife, including butterflies, chipmunks, frogs, squirrels, and more, along with a selection of common trees, wildflowers, and other types of plants. Nature Explorer also includes 17 crafty activities and hands-on projects, such as starting a home terrarium, pressing flowers, and painting rocks.

Jenny’s stunning watercolors captivate kids’ imaginations, and the fascinating text teaches about the world that surrounds them. Plus, the tried-and-true projects are sure to get kids interested in the great outdoors. So get Nature Explorerand start your children on a path to becoming naturalists. Use it on its own, or pair it with the Nature Explorer Sketchbook for drawing, sketching, and recording observations.

About the author: Jenny deFouw Geuder is an artist and educator from Michigan. By day, Jenny teaches art at the middle-school level. Each year, she includes an art lesson and project based on the famous prints of John James Audubon.

Nature Explorer

Jenny emulated this work at home, and she began painting her backyard finds, everything from leaves and flowers to birds. This soon became one of her favorite pastimes. She has always loved observing, and she found herself constantly learning more about the subjects of her paintings. To record these discoveries, she started taking notes about her observations. That process led naturally to her debut book, Drawn to Birds (Winner of the 2022 National Outdoor Book Award for Design and Artistic Merit). She has continued her own artistic interests in commissioned work and personal topics. She primarily works in watercolors, but she also enjoys oils, ceramics, and graphite.

Jenny is also the author of the Nature Explorer Sketchbook, a kids’ introduction to observing and recording discoveries in nature.

Both Nature Explorer and Nature Explorer Sketchbook wherever books are sold! You might also be interested in reading about Jenny’s debut book, Drawn to Birds. Check out the blog post!

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