The Earth Book for Kids Helps Your Children Become Young Geoscientists 

The Earth is our amazing planet—and when we consider what it is and how it has been formed, the answers are truly captivating! The Earth Book for Kids: Volcanoes, Earthquakes & Land Forms by Dan R. Lynch, author of many field guides, presents an introduction to geoscience (or Earth sciences) in this easy-to-understand guide.

Earth Book for Kids

Children learn about the Earth and what it’s made of. That’s followed by a look at what’s inside the Earth. A special section on rocks introduces different kinds and what makes each of them unique; a chapter on landforms presents everything from mountains and oceans to volcanoes and erosion.

As an added bonus, there are more than 15 fun and simple activities for the entire family, which supplement the book’s information. Build a molecule, grow your own crystals, make sandstone, and more. This kid-friendly guide is filled with full-color photographs and illustrations. It’s engaging and informative as it starts children on a path toward becoming successful Earth scientists!

About the author: Dan R Lynch has written numerous field guides, monographs, and kids’ books on rocks and minerals, with a speciality in agates.

He got his start by growing up in a rock shop run by his parents, where he began learning the nuances of rock and mineral identification from a young age. After earning his degree in graphic design and photography, he combined his love of art, his interest in the natural world, and his geological knowledge into a series of books that aim to help new collectors and hobbyists “decode” the complexities of the Earth sciences and mineral identification.

Earth Science for Kids

By taking a “from the ground up” approach, Dan’s books quickly and concisely teach novices the important terms and concepts they need to know so that they can start enjoying the incredible geology underfoot. Above all, Dan has made it his aim to communicate science honestly and factually, as well as to dispel anti-science myths and misinformation with easy-to-understand language, an objective viewpoint, and photos that he hopes will inspire wonder in the natural world.

Earth Science for Kids

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Liliane Opsomer
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