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Try These Five Simple Ideas for a Fall Day Trip

Autumn is the perfect time of year for a day trip. The kids are settled into their school routines. The air temperature rests in that sweet spot between “turn on the AC” and “grab your coat.” Every bend along a country road reveals a new explosion of beautiful fall colors. So gather the family, hop in the car, and drive. The memories of these simple outings will keep you warm when the Season Which Must Not Be Named arrives.

Hike a Scenic Trail

The simplest way to enjoy the splendor of autumn is to immerse yourself in it. Even if you live in the heart of a big city, chances are good that you’ll find some pretty spectacular trails within striking distance (as evidenced by Menasha Ridge Press’s 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles series). For this fall day trip, find the best trail in your area, pack a picnic lunch, and off you go. For extra fun, grab your favorite identification guide to birds, trees, or animal tracks. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn along the way!

Fall Day Trip

Visit a Waterfall

The only thing better than a waterfall is an autumn waterfall. The majesty of one of nature’s most stunning phenomena on a backdrop of red, yellow, orange, and brown is something to behold.

In some parts of the country, waterfalls abound. In other places, it might be quite a drive. But the trip to see a waterfall is worthy of your time.

Attend a Festival

It’s no coincidence that so many outdoor festivals occur at this time of year. People want to get outside, enjoy the weather, and have fun. More likely than not, you’ll find happenings in your area that appeal to the whole family. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, apple orchards, foodie celebrations, carnivals, and let’s not forget Oktoberfest. At most autumn festivals, you’ll find some mix of good food, arts & crafts, games, and great entertainment.

Take an “Adults Only” Fall Day Trip

The children don’t always have to come along. Every once in a while, it’s nice to enjoy a grownups’ escape. This is a wonderful time to visit a brewery or a winery (or string together a tour). Many such places go out of their way to attract visitors on the weekends. You might find free appetizers and tastings, live music, yard games, and more. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Bring a designated driver if you plan to indulge.

Enjoy the Fall Colors

Fall Day Trip

When we think about autumn, the beautiful leaves immediately spring to mind. Take advantage of this wondrous time of year with a scenic tour. From lake cruises to train rides, there are plenty of unique and memorable ways to take in your area’s best views.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do. Take my advice, or create your own fall day trip. The most important thing at this time of year is to get outside and enjoy it.

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