Hidden Critters: Animals Hiding in Plain Sight!

Naturalist and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela’s latest children’s book Hidden Critters: Can You Spot them All? documents how clever animals are hiding in plain sight.

Readers get to see Stan’s best shots of real animals hiding in nature. Here are three examples.

The American bullfrog is one of the largest frogs you’ll ever see. Unlike other frogs, which chirp and peep, it croaks out a loud “rum, rum, rum!” Lots of critters like to eat bullfrogs. So it sits very still near green plants in the pond. This makes it hard to notice. At night it becomes active and hops around.

Hidden Critters

The white-tailed deer stays perfectly still when it senses trouble. It’s much harder to spot this way. If danger comes near, it runs and holds up its tail, showing the bright white underside like a white flag. The deer is fast, like a car. It jumps over fallen trees and races away.

Almost everyone has seen squirrels, but it’s much harder tospot a southern flying squirrel.That’s because they come out at night, when we’re sleeping! Flying squirrels don’t actually fly, but they’re experts at gliding. They scamper to a treetop, launch into the air, and glide to another tree.

Hidden Critters: Can You Spot them All? will be available in a store near you September 14th. Pre-order your copy here.

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