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About Crystal Grids and Crystal Balancing

Whether you’re new to the practice of crystal healing or have a level of experience with it, chances are you have questions. In today’s post, Dan R. Lynch and Julie A. Kirsch, authors of Crystal Healing, look at crystal grids and crystal balancing. 

Crystal Grids

What Healers Claim: 

Crystal grids (also called layouts) are geometric arrangements of crystals and stones; users sit and meditate within a grid or in front of it. This method has increased in popularity in recent years, likely due to the more involved setup and number of stones required, which may feel to users as if they’re doing more work and therefore should see more of a result. And by placing crystals at specific spots and in certain directions, sometimes facilitated by chanting or humming, grids are said to be a powerful way of gathering energy and imparting it to someone at its center. Sometimes a large crystal or carved crystal wand is used to “stimulate” the flow of energy.

Crystal Grids

Users can also balance one or more crystals on their head, hands, or other parts of the body with the goal being to focus on nothing else but the balancing of the stones. As with laying crystals upon the body, the metaphysical idea at work is that by focusing on the grid and/or the bal- anced crystals you can receive mystical earthly energy. 

What is Actually Going On:

Functionally identical in practice to laying crystals upon the body, crystal grids and crystal balancing are just extensions of the meditative concepts at work in many methods of crystal healing. By focusing on the present moment and the crystals in the room, often with quiet music or silence, low light, and deep breathing, a crystal grid may promote a relaxed atmosphere that can leave a user feeling refreshed and with a clearer mind.

“Crystals have measurable properties. They aren’t divine sources of power.” 

The difference with grids is that the more elaborate preparation may seem to provide more of a “payoff.” Taking the time to arrange a geometric pat- tern of crystals, often organized by size and color, is in itself a meditative process that can feel very important to the user. Meditating at the center of a carefully crafted grid may then feel that much more rewarding, and at the end of a session the user may be more apt to feel that the process was particularly successful. But as with other aspects of metaphysics, attributing a perceived health benefit to the crystals—rather than the relaxing and meditative effects of such a tactile, personal process as grid construction—is incorrect. 

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