A Thanksgiving Menu that Won’t Disappoint

Corrine Kozlak, author of Maple Syrup: 40 Tried & True Recipes, celebrated Thanksgiving early this year. Here is the menu: Maple-Basted Stuffed Turkey Roll, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts, Company’s Coming Salad, and Maple Pecan Pie for dessert.  This year, instead of buying a bone-in turkey for her Thanksgiving...

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Foraging Southern California Wins 2020 NOBA Book Award

Adventure Publications is proud to announce that Foraging Southern California: 118 Nutritious, Tasty, and Abundant Foods, by Douglas Kent, has won the Nature Guidebook Category 2020 National Outdoor Book Award (NOBA).  We are thrilled to share with you NOBA’s review herewith: “Foraging Southern California is a terrific little guidebook...

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Coupeville—A Paradise of Nature

In today’s post, Nicole Hardina, author of Little Washington, tells us all about the history of Coupeville, a paradise of nature, located on Whidbey Island. Natural prairies and marshes characterize Whidbey Island’s landscape, the product of glacial lakes left by a receding Vashon glacier nearly...

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Citizen Science

The Joy of Citizen Science

In today’s post our colleague Brett Ortler shares with us his passion for citizen science. It is a great family activity.  If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of time bird-watching, paying more attention to your garden or the plants springing up in your yard, even...

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Bat Basics

Bat Basics and Myths Debunked

There are about as many myths about bats as there are bat species. Karen Krebbs, author of Bat Basics, debunks the myths and tells you all you need to know about these amazing mammals.  Bats don’t get tangled in human hair. Unlike what you see in...

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Discovering the Birds of Texas

Learn to identify the birds of Texas, and make bird-watching even more enjoyable with Stan Tekiela’s famous Birds of Texas Field Guide. This book features 140 species of Texas birds organized by color for ease of use. Do you see a yellow bird and don’t...

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Stargazing: Get to Know the Night Sky

If you’re stuck at home, you might, like millions of others, find yourself wanting a new hobby. Stargazing is a free, rewarding way to Be Well, Be Outdoors that you can start tonight—assuming the clouds cooperate. Better yet, you don’t need a fancy telescope or...

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Trees of the Carolinas

Identifying Trees of the Carolinas

Learn to identify the trees in the Carolinas with Stan Tekiela’s famous Trees of the Carolinas Field Guide. Learn about all 153 species found in the two states, organized by leaf type and attachment. Just look at a tree’s leaves, then go to the correct...

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