Build a Bug House for Pet Bugs

Bugs are amazing little creatures. They provide incredible opportunities for getting outside and discovering nature. There are so many kinds to see and appreciate―even in your backyard or at a nearby park.  In his book Insects & Bugs Backyard Workbook, author Jaret C. Daniels features more than 20 simple,...

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Stargazing: Get to Know the Night Sky

If you’re stuck at home, you might, like millions of others, find yourself wanting a new hobby. Stargazing is a free, rewarding way to Be Well, Be Outdoors that you can start tonight—assuming the clouds cooperate. Better yet, you don’t need a fancy telescope or...

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Birding for Beginners: South

Birding is among the most popular outdoor activities―especially in the South, where hundreds of different bird species can be seen and observed. Now is the perfect time to join the fun and let our feathered friends astonish and inspire you with Stan Tekiela’s Birding for...

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Birding for Beginners: California

In Stan Tekiela’s Birding for Beginners: California, the author shares his insights and remarkable photos that will help you become a skilled birder in the Golden State.  The first section of the book presents “how-to” information. Learn the basics of bird feeders. Get to know your birdseed....

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