South Cle Elum

South Cle Elum Keeps on Keeping On

Nicole Hardina, author of Little Washington, recounts the history of South Cle Elum, a town where the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains are visible from anywhere. In the 1880s, railroad surveyors heard about the coal deposits in Roslyn, and within a year the Northern Pacific...

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Coupeville—A Paradise of Nature

In today’s post, Nicole Hardina, author of Little Washington, tells us all about the history of Coupeville, a paradise of nature, located on Whidbey Island. Natural prairies and marshes characterize Whidbey Island’s landscape, the product of glacial lakes left by a receding Vashon glacier nearly...

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Allen, Michigan—An Important Crossroads

In her book Little Michigan, Kathryn Houghton takes a nostalgic look at Michigan’s smallest towns; today, she takes us to Allen, the Antiques Capital of the World. The town built its first high school in 1869. Though the building burned down in 1913, the community came together...

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Little Michigan: 100 Towns Around 600

Little Michigan, by Kathryn Houghton, is for anyone who grew up in a small town and for everyone who takes pride in being called a Michigander. It’s one book, and it’s 100 towns to love. They’re Michigan’s smallest towns, and they have great stories. Experience the charm...

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