Purple Martins

Purple Martins Gather Before Migrating South

Wildlife photographer and naturalist Stan Tekiela observed the gathering of thousands of Purple Martins for an evening roost before migrating south. Here is his report! I am no stranger to traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to see, study, and document some of nature’s most...

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Insects, Arthropods, & Bugs, Oh My!

Insects are by far the most familiar and frequently encountered arthropods. Did you know that all bugs are arthropods? Arthropods are invertebrates—they don’t have an internal skeleton and bones. Instead, they have an external skeleton, a segmented body, and jointed appendages, such as legs and antennae.  Monarch egg Monarch chrysalis Insects...

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Wildflowers of Ohio, a Field Guide

Stan Tekiela, wildlife photographer and naturalist, shares his love for the amazing array of the wildflowers of Ohio. The state is a great place for wildflower enthusiasts! The state is at the crossroads of three major vegetative habitats. Each of these vegetative zones contains a...

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