Learn About Spiders of the United States & Canada

Readers will improve their identification skills and learn more about spiders and their webs with Dr. Sebastian Echeverri’s Spiders of the United States & Canada. Many of us know spiders through their immense cultural impact—in traditional mythology, modern media, and ongoing research into super-strong materials and...

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Get to Know Your Caterpillars

How many times have you seen a caterpillar and wondered, “What in the world is that?” Caterpillars of North America by Jaret Daniels provides an easy-and-fun way to identify them. It features more than 90 of the most common, widespread, and readily observable caterpillars in...

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Dinosaurs are everywhere

Dinosaurs Are Everywhere

James Kuether, paleoartist and author of Dinosaurs for Kids, claims that dinosaurs are everywhere. You’ve been surrounded by dinosaurs all your life. You see them everywhere you go. Toy shelves are filled with every dinosaur imaginable, and they star in the biggest blockbuster movies. You...

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