How Rocks Became Jim Magnuson’s Passion

Jim Magnuson, author of Rockhounding & Prospecting – Upper Midwest, tells us about his fascination with the natural world and how rocks became his passion. Hunting for Greenstone on the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan I grew up in a heavily wooded rural setting in northern Illinois...

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rock collection

How to Start a Rock Collection

Starting a rock collection is a fun and easy way to take home some treasures and learn about the Earth. It is a fabulous family activity and kids will love the treasure hunt. Here are some basic instructions to help you start your own rock...

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The Amazing World of Agates and Fossils

Dan R. Lynch, author of Rock Collecting for Kids, talks to us about the amazing world of agates and fossils. Find out how to start your own collection. There are lots of popular rocks and minerals that people like to collect. Some, like gold and diamonds, are...

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