Mamas and Babies

Delight Your Little Tykes with our New Mamas and Babies Board Books Series

We are excited to announce our newest board book series: Mamas and Babies. Naturalist and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela introduces little ones to mamas and babies who live in or near forests, lakes, mountains, and prairies. The colorful design and adorable photographs will captivate kids and strengthen their love of the natural world.

Sandhill crane and her colt — Prairie Mamas & Babies

Forest Mamas & Babies, Lake Mamas & Babies, Prairie Mamas & Babies, and Mountain Mamas & Babies will be published on March 26th. Pre-order your copies now!

Mamas and Babies
Green Frog and her froglet — Lake Mamas & Babies

Board books put images and words in the hands of young readers who are eager to learn. Feed their curiosity and jump-start their education with our board books. Read them out loud, or place the sturdy books in a child’s small hands. 

Mamas and Babies
Deer mother and fawns — Mountain Mamas & Babies

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Full-color photos of real wildlife
  • Concise-yet-informative text to interest young readers
  • Fun facts about 10 types of forest, lake, mountain, and prairie animals

About the author: Naturalist, wildlife photographer, and writer Stan Tekiela has published more than 175 field guides, nature books, children’s books, wildlife audio CDs, and playing cards, presenting many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, trees, wildflowers, and cacti in the United States. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural History from the University of Minnesota and as an active professional naturalist for more than 30 years, Stan studies and photographs wildlife throughout the United States and Canada. He has received various national and regional awards for his books and photographs. 

Mamas and Babies
A mother moose and her calf — Forest Mamas & Babies

Also a well-known columnist and radio personality, Stan’s syndicated column appears in more than 25 newspapers, and his wildlife programs are broadcast on a number of Midwest radio stations. Stan can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. He can be contacted via

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Liliane Opsomer
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