Cacti of Arizona

Discover the Beauty of the Cacti of Arizona

With this famous field guide by Nora Bowers, Rick Bowers, and Stan Tekiela, cactus identification is simple and informative. The Cacti of Arizona Field Guide features 50 of the most common and widespread species found in the state, organized by shape.

Cacti of Arizona

Fact-filled pages contain the particulars readers want to know, while professional photographs provide the visual detail needed for accurate identification.

The book features:

  • Range maps and shape icons that help narrow the search
  • More photos per cactus than any other field guide, making visual identification quick and easy
  • A compare feature to help decide between look-alikes
  • Close-up images of spines, flowers, and fruit to aid identification
  • Fascinating natural history about 50 cactus species

This second edition includes updated photographs and range maps, expanded information, and even more of the authors’ expert insights. So grab the Cacti of Arizona Field Guide for your next outing to help ensure that you positively identify the cacti you see.

Cacti of Arizona


Nora Mays Bowers is a writer and nature photographer. She earned a Master of Science degree in Ecology from the University of Arizona, writing her thesis and publishing several professional papers on Harris’s hawks. Nora has received numerous grants and awards for her hawk research. Nora’s photography credits include Birder’s World magazine, Ranger Rick, and Arizona Wildlife Views, as well as many books and calendars. She is a coauthor of Wildflowers of Arizona Field Guide, Cacti of Arizona Field Guide, Cactus of the Southwest, and Kaufman Focus Guides: Mammals of North America.

Cacti of Arizona

Rick Bowers is a tour leader, nature photographer, naturalist, and writer. He has been photographing wildlife and nature for almost 50 years. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Arizona. Rick’s photo credits span the gamut, from National Geographic and International Wildlife magazines to state and local fish and game publications. He is a coauthor of Wildflowers of Arizona Field Guide, Cacti of Arizona Field Guide, and Kaufman Focus Guides: Mammals of North America. He now owns Bowers Birding and Photo Safaris and leads international birding and photo safaris to Borneo, India, and Malaysia, as well as private tours in the US. Nora and Rick live in Tucson, Arizona.

Cacti of Arizona

Naturalist, wildlife photographer, and writer Stan Tekiela has published more than 175 field guides, nature books, children’s books, wildlife audio CDs, puzzles, and playing cards, presenting many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, trees, wildflowers, and cacti in the United States. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural History from the University of Minnesota and as an active professional naturalist for more than 30 years, Stan studies and photographs wildlife throughout the United States and Canada. He has received various national and regional awards for his books and photographs. 

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