Fish of Michigan

Fish of Michigan: Minnows to muskies— your must-have resource

Fishing is a perfect outdoors activity for all ages and skill levels, and the Great Lakes State is an angler’s paradise. Reel in your catches, and make identifying those fish a snap. To accomplish this, Fish of Michigan is indeed your must-have resource.

Now in its second edition, the popular Fish of Michigan Field Guide by Dave Bosanko features detailed information about 79 species of Michigan fish.

When you’re not sure what you’ve caught, grab the handy guide and narrow your choices by family. Then identify your prize with the intricately detailed fish illustrations. Further verify the type of fish using the “Similar Species” comparison features. Then read fascinating facts on spawning behavior, feeding habits, and more. Plus, match up your best catches against the state records. 

This new edition includes updated information about everything from range to state records, as well as the inclusion of six new species. A new section on fishing tips offers pointers to help you catch more fish and gain more awareness about invasive species and how you can help prevent their spread. 

With inside information for locating fishing hotspots, this book is essential for every tackle box, beach bag, RV, and cabin. Its convenient size makes it perfect for the dock
or boat.

Fish of Michigan
Common Carp

About the author: Dave Bosanko was born in Kansas and studied engineering before following his love of nature to degrees in biology and chemistry from Emporia State University.

Fish of Michigan
American Eel

He spent 30 years as staff biologist at two of the University of Minnesota’s field stations. Though his training was in mammal physiology, Dave worked on a wide range of research projects ranging from fish, bird, and mammal population studies to experiments with biodiversity and prairie restoration.

An avid fisherman and naturalist, he has long enjoyed applying the fruits of his extensive field research to patterning fish location and behavior—and observing how these fascinating species interact with one another in the underwater web of life.

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