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The Kids’ Guide to Birds of California: A must-have Guide to Bird-watching in the Golden State

The Kids’ Guide to Birds of California by Stan Tekiela is a fun, easy-to-use guide for anyone interested in seeing and identifying birds. As a child, Stan spent hours of enjoyment watching birds come to a wooden feeder that his father built in their backyard. The Tekielas were the only family in the neighborhood who fed birds, and they became known as the nature family. 

Birds of California

Today, more people feed birds in their backyards than those who go hunting or fishing combined. Not only has it become very popular to feed and watch birds, but young and old alike are also identifying them and learning more about them.

Known for his birding field guides, the award-winning author has written the perfect bird identification guide for children. The Kids’ Guide to Birds of California features 86 of the most common and important birds to know, with species organized by color for ease of use. Did you know that the California Quail is the state bird of California?

Fun bonus activities for the whole family, like building a birdhouse and preparing your own bird food, make this the perfect introduction to bird identification for a new generation in the Golden State. 

About the author: Naturalist, wildlife photographer, and writer Stan Tekiela has written more than 175 field guides, nature books, children’s books, wildlife audio CDs, puzzles, and playing cards, presenting many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, trees, wildflowers, and cacti in the United States. Stan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural History from the University of Minnesota, and he has received national and regional awards for his books and photography. 

Birds of California

The Kids’ Guide to Birds of California is a must-have beginner’s guide. Order your copy here. For more stories about wildlife and nature, sign up for our newsletter now!

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  • Annie Long

    I love this format so much–I would have thrilled to have it when I was growing up. What a great book for all children! We should put all the Kids Nature Guides on Dolly Parton’s radar–do you know about her program to give books to children? It’s the Imagination Library and it’s quite impressive. I’m not sure how she chooses which books to give. But we have some excellent ones.

    July 13, 2021 at 7:37 pm

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