Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks

Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks Introduce Children to Nature with Fun Activities

We are excited to announce our upcoming series of Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks, and we are celebrating with a GIVEAWAY. One lucky winner will receive a copy of the Backyard Science & Discovery Workbook of his or her choice AND the Rock & Minerals Backyard Workbook and Insects & Bugs Backyard Workbook. But first, here’s more about the new series. Scroll down to enter the giveaway.

All nine workbooks feature hands-on science projects for children, such as raising native caterpillars, starting a rock collection, and attracting moths and other insects with an ultraviolet light, plus more than a dozen fun activities to help make hypotheses, observe nature, and learn about the world around us.  

Backyard Science & Discovery Workbook

The seven region-specific Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks: California by George Miller, Midwest by Brett Ortler, Northeast by Susan Schenck, Pacific Northwest by Robert Niese, Rocky Mountains by George Miller, South by Erika Zambello, and Southwest by George Miller have more than 20 simple, fun introductions to the region’s habitats, the weather, seasons, birds, and rocks and minerals.

Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks

Our Insects & Bugs Backyard Workbook introduces children to insects and bugs through fun activities and hands-on science projects. This workbook by entomologist Jaret C. Daniels features an introduction to a variety of creepy crawlies, including bees, butterflies, spiders, and more. Plus, more than a dozen activities help kids to make hypotheses, experiment, and observe. The hands-on science projects introduce children to nature with activities and experiments that get kids outdoors and interested in science. 

Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks

The Rock & Minerals Backyard Workbook introduces children to geology through fun activities and hands-on science projects. This workbook by Dan R. Lynch has more than 20 simple, fun introductions to a variety of rocks and minerals, including granite, sandstone, gemstones, and more. From beaches to gravel roads, from prairieland to rugged terrain, rocks and minerals are all around us. They provide incredible opportunities for getting outside and discovering nature. You never know what your children will uncover outside. Every day is a little treasure hunt that can lead to starting a rock collection and a lifelong love for science. 

Backyard Science & Discovery Workbooks

The Nature Science Workbooks utilize fun activities and science projects to get children outside and discover nature. With full-color photography and a kid-friendly design, the workbooks hold special appeal for ages 6 to 12. The books cover everything from astronomy to geology. Each regional workbook is both entertaining and educational. 

The Rock & Minerals Backyard Workbook and Insects & Bugs Backyard Workbook are perfect companions to the regional workbooks, these full-color titles feature projects, quizzes, and hands-on activities that are applicable across the United States and southern Canada. 

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