Fishing Journal: You Catch ’em and Record ’em

Fishing Journal

Every great angler has a story or two. But do you remember all the details? When did you catch it? Where were you fishing? How big was it…really? Those answers and more can be recorded forever in the new Fishing Journal from AdventureKEEN.

We at Adventure Publications hope all our readers and their loved ones, remain healthy and safe. Without intending to trivialize the current crisis, we will continue to post positive stories in hopes of bringing some joy into your home as a welcome distraction during these trying times.

Children and casual fishermen and fisherwomen will find joy in keeping track of the “what,” “where,” and “how many,” creating a fun and personalized keepsake to be looked back upon year after year. 

For those who take a more scientific approach to battling with rod and reel, there are blanks for everything from lure type and water clarity to weather conditions and moon phases.

Did you know that the Northern Pike is a fast, hard-fighting sight-predator? Famous for its sudden attacks, it is the kind of fish that can make a bobber disappear in a flash.

Fishing Journal
Northern Pike

Smallmouth Bass may be smaller than largemouth bass, but smallmouth bass are no less exciting to catch, as they often instinctively leap out of the water once hooked. What’s more, smallies, as they are often known, also get quite large; record fish can reach up to almost 12 pounds, but even 5- or 6-pounders are considered trophy fish. As with largemouth bass, many smallmouth bass anglers practice catch-and-release in order to preserve trophy fish.

Fishing Journal
Smallmouth Bass

As an added bonus, the Fishing Journal includes callouts and sidebars of information: fishing records, trivia, tips, and more. It’s everything you need to track your fishing successes, and it’s the perfect gift for anglers of all ages.

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