An Asylum of Loons—New from Adventure Publications

An Asylum of loonsAn Asylum of Loons explores the origins of collective nouns for specific types of birds. A murder of crows, a charm of goldfinches, a huddle of penguins―they range from fascinating to funny, and this adorable book is your guide to the best of them.

One of the first quirks of language that we learn as children is that we use a different word for animals when they are found in groups. For example, a group of lions is a pride, sheep in the field are a flock, and an assemblage of fish is a school. These are called collective nouns, and most animals, including birds, have their own group names. But these names, especially for birds, aren’t very well-known; after all, what do you call a group of cockatoos, or penguins, or vultures?

Discover the surprising number of different terms and learn their true meanings―as well as the history behind them. Did C.S. Lewis really coin the phrase “a parliament of owls?” Find out in this colorfully designed conversation starter.

If you’re a bird enthusiast, perhaps you’ll talk about the flocks you spot with more relish. If you’re a language enthusiast, perhaps you’ll learn something extra about birds, or be inspired to go on your own etymological explorations.

The spectacular full-color photography that accompanies each entertaining tidbit further enhances the collectability of An Asylum of Loons. The book is destined to be a popular gift for bird lovers, so grab one for yourself and a copy for the birders in your life too!

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Liliane Opsomer
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